NTP Server and Digital Wall Clocks

Many network administrators are aware of the NTP server (Network Time Protocol) and how it synchronises a computer network to UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time). These devices have revolutionised the way we work and trade in the global marketplace ensuring that computer networks from across the world are synchronised to the same time.

But computer networks are not the only part of an organisation that requires to know the time, people too are constantly relying on the time and if a computer network is running reliable and accurate time then it makes sense that the workforce is too.

However, in many organisations it is common for the office wall clock to be several minutes behind or ahead of the NTP server which is why many office managers now insist that digital wall clocks are used that connect to a NTP server.

Digital wall clocks can be used to display the correct UTC time in any location. These devices ensure that everybody in your organisation can be aware of the exact UTC time and that entire organisations can be synchronised to the exact same time.

Displaying hours, minute sand seconds these devices are easy to install and can be powered by Ethernet (POE).

Digital Wall Clock

Digital wall clock with seconds

Digital wall clock with seconds

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